Beware of Unsafe Toys and Select the Right Toys for Gifting This Season

The last months of the year is the peak season for buying presents for everybody in the family, including little kids who are the angels; including nieces, nephews and grandchildren. For kids of any age, whether toddlers, infants and as well as school age kids, you should be looking out for educational toys that could provide endless hours of learning and fun at the same time, that could help develop their most basic cognitive abilities. Colorful toys can attract little kids’ attention, and they can serve as beginning tools to help them tell colors and shapes as they grow older.

How to Check for Unsafe Toys

Infants and toddlers are at the stage of learning and putting everything in their mouths to get a feel of an object’s size, softness and shape. It is their way of sizing up objects in their environment, and most often than not, kids at this learning age can pick up toys and various objects in their mouths for more than twenty times a day.

As a responsible parent, gifter and shopper, you have to check for unsafe toys before buying them. Knowing that kids love to put objects in their mouths as a form of exploring and learning could help you to stay away from toys that have small parts which could cause choking. If you are looking for toys that are safe for kids, you can always check the boxes and labels that have an age appropriate guide and have hazard labels so you can gauge their safety for your little ones. It is best to be safe this season, so you can do your part and avoid accidents at home. You can follow this unsafe toy information.

You can see if the toy has secure labelling and is durable. Plastic toys that easily break are not good for kids who are fond of smashing objects around, and they can put the small pieces in their mouths and choke as a result. Be sure that the toys are also washable and can be cleaned regularly. Toys with jagged edges should be avoided; they can poke your kids’ eyes and cause pain as well. Do not buy toys with long chords or ribbons that can tangle or tie your kids’ limbs or neck, this can strangle your baby.

Hazards That Can Put Your Kids in Danger

Nobody wants to put kids in danger. Government recalled unsafe toys earlier this year which have presented dangerous hazards to kids, and you should also be on the lookout for these. If some vendors shove them in your hands and at extremely cheap prices, be very careful. They might be recalled and some vendors would want to make a profit before they are confiscated.

Do not buy toys that have many additional smaller parts, whether made of plastic or other materials. Your kids may swallow or choke on these little parts. Now before you move over to another option such as cradles, hammocks and other similar toys like the baby gyms, be sure they allow enough leverage or have a secure hook so that kids do not tip over. Keep away from toys that produce loud noises that could be annoying and cannot be properly turned off. This can impair your kids’ hearing and cause disturbed sleep for both parents and children. At this stage, your kids have very sensitive hearing senses and you should protect their senses.

Why You Should Keep Away From Lead in Toys

Beware of toys that make use of lead paint and other toxic materials. Even crayons and other coloring materials are recalled because of this very harmful ingredient which can cause vomiting and serious implications to the interior organs. Toys making use of lead as coloring and paint can poison babies’ sensitive tummies. Its long term effects also include damaged kidneys, blood cell formation problems, even death. It also has the ability to interfere with young children’s learning and motor skills. Be a careful shopper and ask questions before making a purchase.

Play Safe

Lastly, there are toys than can influence the type of values being enforced among kids. Avoid giving them toys that are suggestive of violence and torture. Kids can imitate what they see on television and if unsupervised, their behaviours can be carried on to their playmates and result in physical injuries. It is alright to scrutinize toys that are being given by friends and families, before handing them over to the kids.

It is better to play safe and teach them to be safe.

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