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Online shopping is gradually taking shape in the Philippines. Did you (at some point) browse an online store? You know, there are many online stores here in the Philippines and some of them sell books, music, software, applications, gadgets and many more. One popular online store about fashion trends here in the Philippines is Zalora. They cater all kinds of brands in the world of fashion from shoes, bags and apparels. Zalora is a good online store in the Philippines, there is no doubt about that. They give online shopping experience so fun! Another thing, they are equipped with the latest trends so they are really a one-stop fashion shop that we can definitely enjoy. Their trends have gone global so you can browse for your favorite designers and their designs. You can wear your purchases with utmost confidence. If I have questions, their customer service consultants answer them well […]

Count on Discounts to Shop

Have you watched the television show “Extreme Couponing?” Those ladies who do that are coupon crazy. Who would not be crazy about shopping discounts? In this day and age, a little discount and freebie goes a long way. The money that you can save from your shopping can be used for a great deal of other things, such as your child’s education, house maintenance, fixing your car or even health insurance. This article is not about going to extremes with coupons though. There are a lot of ways to get a discount and save without going to extreme measures. Here are some ways to get great clothes this year. 1)  Use coupons- there are some good coupons out there that offer great deals. You can take advantage of Hanna Andersson coupons and can save up to 65% off with these coupons. For example, savings can amount to $28 for a piece of clothing. Children’s’ […]

As a kid the best time to buy clothes is “Back to School” season. As an adult, the best time to stock up on clothing and fortify your wardrobe is January. The holidays are over, the crowds are starting to dissipate and shopping as a whole is more enjoyable. That doesn’t mean that you won’t still need at least a little bit of help scoring those great deals after the New Year. Here are five ways to get the best clothes possible this January Method #1: Scour the Clearance Sales Clearance sales are especially extensive after the holiday season is over. The stores you love have all loaded up on stock in order to meet the gift giving demand. Now that the holidays are over, they need to get rid of their excess stock as quickly as possible to make room for all of the summer clothing and styles that […]

Keeping In Style

Moms spend a lot of time taking care of everyone except themselves, it seems. We are responsible for so many things! Keeping our children, safe, clean, dressed, educated and well and fed takes up a lot of our precious time. And it’s time we gladly give to our children. But let’s face it moms, we need a break sometimes! Even though time is short, there are things we as moms, can do for ourselves, even simple treats that can help relieve some of the everyday stress we can sometimes feel. Take a little time to pamper yourself. If you can’t find a sitter for your children so you can take a little break, do something as treat while they are napping, or at school or play dates. Treat yourself to a rich, lovely cup of premium coffee at your favorite coffee house. Nothing perks up your day more than the aroma of […]

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