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The last months of the year is the peak season for buying presents for everybody in the family, including little kids who are the angels; including nieces, nephews and grandchildren. For kids of any age, whether toddlers, infants and as well as school age kids, you should be looking out for educational toys that could provide endless hours of learning and fun at the same time, that could help develop their most basic cognitive abilities. Colorful toys can attract little kids’ attention, and they can serve as beginning tools to help them tell colors and shapes as they grow older. How to Check for Unsafe Toys Infants and toddlers are at the stage of learning and putting everything in their mouths to get a feel of an object’s size, softness and shape. It is their way of sizing up objects in their environment, and most often than not, kids at […]

Teaching Good Table Manners

One of the things that parents find challenging when teaching their children the ways of the world is on how to have good table manners. Of course, since the early years of the child often consists of being ultimately messy and somehow just putting things in their mouth, the first few steps of teaching table manners can be bumpy for children from 3-6 years of age. One of the main tips in teaching children good table manners is to eat together as a family for at least one meal every single day. During this delegated meal, the parent must ensure that nobody starts eating their meal without everybody else being seated. In addition, nobody also leaves the table until everybody else is done with their meal. It really does not matter what meal it is – be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The important thing is that the family is […]

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