Cleaning Service Scottsdale Maids Avoids Dangerous Chemicals – Here’s Why You Should, too.


Learn about the most dangerous chemicals found in household cleaning products and why
green house cleaning service Scottsdale Maids avoids them. Many household cleaning
products touted to make your home cleaner and healthier actually introduce a plethora of
toxic pollutants to your home. These chemicals can have a wide range of side effects, and
many people are looking for alternatives. Recently, even the World Health Organization issued
warnings about household chemical exposure and effects on young children. Scottsdale
Maids, a Scottsdale cleaning service based in Arizona, shares about the potential
dangers of many household chemicals.

Scottsdale Cleaning Service Says Avoid These Chemicals

Below are the most dangerous chemicals, based on potential side effects, that Scottsdale
Maids suggests households eliminate or use minimally. In addition to concerns with accidental
poisoning, chemicals linger on surfaces and in the air, ultimately making their into your body
through skin, breathing, and ingestion. In their practice, the Scottsdale cleaning service avoids
these chemicals all together to provide healthy, clean homes to clients. The toxic cleaners can
all be replaced with natural and non-toxic options, which are becoming widely available as more
and more consumers go green.

Chemical Air Fresheners
Many common air fresheners contain a host of vaporized chemicals that, while making the
air smell rosy, can have ill effects for people and pets. Petroleum by products are known to
cause irritation to mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth, lungs) and many are carcinogenic.
Formaldehyde, yes the stuff used preserve decaying flesh, is also a known irritant and
carcinogen found in many sprays. Aerosol additives and p-dichlorobenzene are other potential
concerns for toxicity and irritation. Non-reactive scents made with natural oils and extracts add
pleasing scents without the nasty extras.

Bleach & Ammonia
One whiff of bleach or ammonia is all you need to know these common cleaners are toxic.
Both are highly volatile, and cause intense irritation when fumes are breathed in and when in
contact with skin, possibly leading to tissue damage. Take all precautions to prevent ammonia
and chlorine bleach from mixing as the combination results in a deadly gas. Never mix bleach
with other cleaners, especially toilet and drain cleaners. Vinegar, borax, peroxide and other
safer alternatives are typically just as effective.


Commonly used to ward off pesky insects, mothballs typically contain one of two chemicals that
are dangerous to people as well. Both napthalene and p-dichlorobenzene are toxic, leading to
side effects ranging from nausea and mucous membrane irritation to cataracts and liver damage
with prolonged use. In their Scottsdale cleaning service, Scottsdale Maids says a better option
is to store clothing and linens in sealed vacuum bags and totes to prevent pests.

Corrosive Oven Cleaners
There’s no doubting baked on food can be stubborn to remove from ovens, but many strong
oven cleaners contain noxious chemicals you don’t want near or food or lungs. Both sodium
hydroxide and potassium hydroxide are toxic and can damage tissue when inhaled or in contact
with skin. Many also contain a host of other toxic chemicals, combining to create on of the most
toxic household cleaners. Baking soda based cleaners may take a little more elbow grease, but
won’t leach toxic chemicals into your food, air and body.

Furniture Polish
Many furniture polishes contain carcinogenic petroleum by-products. They also often have
nitrobenzene, a highly toxic chemical absorbable through skin, and phenol which have been
known to cause severe allergic reactions in some people. Natural waxes and plant oil-based
polishes are not only better for wood furniture, but healthier for people and pets.

Mold & Antibacterial Cleaners
Many cleaners meant to bust bacteria contain dangerous chemicals. Triclosan, a common
antibacterial agent, is absorbed through skin and can cause liver damage. Triclosan has also
been linked with reduced fertility, hormone changes, birth defects, immune system issues,
and as a contributor to the super bug epidemics. Sodium hypochlorite is another common
cleaning additive which is corrosive to surfaces and mucous membranes, and can even cause
dangerous fluid build-up in lungs. Studies suggest alternatives like regular soap eliminate the
most harmful bacterias within 0.2% of triclosan’s efficiency. Vinegar, borax and baking soda are
all effective, safe alternatives that get the job done.

About Scottsdale Maids – Green Scottsdale Cleaning Service

Today’s natural alternatives and eco-friendly cleaners aren’t new; many were all that was widely
available several decades ago, and the human race made it through just fine. Newer chemical
cleaners have been touted to be better at killing bacteria or more efficient at dissolving grime
– but at what cost? Cleaners that utilize ingredients like pure soap, vinegar, baking soda, and
lemon are typically just as effective and are certainly much safer to use around people and pets.

When the business was just starting, the Scottsdale cleaning service company began
researching product safety as a part of developing employee guidelines. The information found
regarding chemical side effects was shocking, especially considering that better, healthier
options were readily available and affordable. This balance of effectivity and safety is why
Scottsdale Maids made the choice to offer green Scottsdale cleaning services as opposed to
using traditional products – resulting in clean AND healthy homes.

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