Five Ways for Moms to Find Time for Themselves

Parenthood can take over your life if you let it. Between looking after the kids and work there’s hardly any time left for yourself, and what little there is will in all probably be spent in a dazed stupor in front of the TV. But having some ‘me’ time is essential for everyone’s well-being. Exercise classes, coffee with friends, logging on to free dating sites if you’re single – all of these things need be slotted into your weekly calendar. So how do you find some free time in your hectic schedule? Here’s a few fool proof ways…

Using the Time You Have

It’s all too easy to not recognise free time when you have it, as it can fill up with so many other errands and chores. Look at your week and identify your childfree moments. This time might include your hour-long lunch-breaks or Saturday mornings when the children are at an activity group. Now, adjust your attitude to these hours and turn them into ‘me’time.

A Sea of Sitters

Don’t have just one babysitter, have a bank of them. These don’t all have to be carefully found employees either – grandparents, other family members, close friends and especially your other half are bound to be willing to take over childcare duties whilst you enjoy a bit of free time.

A Weekly Ritual

Pick a night of the week and make it your night. Line up a sitter every week and establish this as a family ritual. This gives you a regular night off to do whatever you want to, whether that’s going out in Belfast dating or going to the cinema with your friends. Also, the children will get used to this in no time – kids love routine.

Hard Discipline

Start being more strict about homework and prescribe earlier bedtimes for the children. This will keep them occupied for longer, leaving you with more leisure time.

Extra-Curricular Encouragement

You know how your kids are always bugging you to pay for piano lessons or karate classes, or whatever their latest extra-curricular passion is? Well, now is the time to indulge them. Explore that encourage them to spend more time at school – after-school classes, breakfast clubs, school trips. Not only will this free up a lot more time for you, but it will also leave your children with big smiles on their faces as they’ll be doing what they love.

Don’t let your life revolve around parental duties. Even in the most jam-packed schedule, there are ways to free up a bit of few moments for you.

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Mommy Rubz is the supermom behind the Pinay Mommies Community. Hailing from Cagayan de Oro City, she manages to juggle being a mother to three lovely children, being a full-time blogger and running a blog hosting services all at the same time. She writes for Pinay Mommy Online, Proud Mommy of Three and many others.

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  1. It’s really important for moms (and dads) to have time to themselves. Whether it’s to read a book or just take a walk for an hour or two, anything to rejuvenate their minds will keep them happy. My favorite tip is to enroll kids in other activities to free up time 🙂 It’s a win-win situation for both moms and kids.

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