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Moms spend a lot of time taking care of everyone except themselves, it seems. We are responsible for so many things! Keeping our children, safe, clean, dressed, educated and well and fed takes up a lot of our precious time. And it’s time we gladly give to our children. But let’s face it moms, we need a break sometimes!

Even though time is short, there are things we as moms, can do for ourselves, even simple treats that can help relieve some of the everyday stress we can sometimes feel. Take a little time to pamper yourself. If you can’t find a sitter for your children so you can take a little break, do something as treat while they are napping, or at school or play dates.

Treat yourself to a rich, lovely cup of premium coffee at your favorite coffee house. Nothing perks up your day more than the aroma of a great coffee, tea or hot chocolate – or any beverage that you love! If you can spare the calories, have a blueberry scone or small slice of your favorite sweet with your coffee.

If time permits, nothing feels better than a great pedicure. This treat is truly a treasure for most of us. Who can resist a full pampering session for your tootsies at your favorite salon? Admit it; we rarely have time to treat our feet so well. A spa pedicure feels wonderful. Pick a crazy nail color, sit back in the massage chair with your favorite white wine, and allow someone else to take care of you for a change!

After that relaxing pedicure, you will have wonderful, soft and great looking feet, so what’s the natural thing to do with such pampered feet and snazzy toes? Why, a little shoe shopping of course! Yes, we know you don’t have tons of time to hit the mall in an all-day search for the perfect shoes, but all is not lost. You may want to check out some of the great bargains at Pricegrabber for great deals on the most fashionable shoes around.

You can shop in the convenience of your own home and you’ll get great prices too! How about a sexy pair of stiletto heels? How about a pair of athletic shoes that not only look stylish, but may just motivate you to hit the gym or the trail? Looking for some nice cold weather shoes as fall is here and winter is just around the corner? Search for a pair of leather boots, or fur lined short boots, or maybe even a warm, snuggly pair of house slippers that are just perfect for blustery weekends spent around the house. Don’t forget to check out shoes for your kids too while you’re there, there’s bound to be some great shoes for school and play!

Moms, we need to take some time for ourselves, not only for our sanity, but because we work hard and we deserve a little treat now and then! You would never neglect time with your children, don’t neglect treating yourself to some mom time too!

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Mommy Rubz is the supermom behind the Pinay Mommies Community. Hailing from Cagayan de Oro City, she manages to juggle being a mother to three lovely children, being a full-time blogger and running a blog hosting services all at the same time. She writes for Pinay Mommy Online, Proud Mommy of Three and many others.


  1. We should take care of ourselves not for anybody’s sake but ourselves. This way we feel even more good about ourselves. Consequently, becomes more effective and pleasant towards our family and other people.

  2. YES TO THIS!! I totally agree. Taking good care of our household means taking good care of ourselves too. It boosts not only our confidence but that of our family’s too.

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