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Blog’s Name: Lalaine’s World
Blog’s URL: www.lalainesworld.com
Blog’s Description: A world filled with love, hope, rich experiences and God’s amazing grace.
Blogging from Where: Thailand

Blog’s Name: Life and Me
Blog’s URL: http://www.pinayjade.com
Blog’s Description: A peek into my sunny life in beautiful Singapore.

Blog’s Name: Life According to Me
Blog’s URL: http://www.diaryofane.com
Blog’s Description: A virtual diary of a work at home mom trying to balance working from home and keeping the household in tip top shape..
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Living Life to the Fullest!
Blog’s URL: http://livinglifetodfullest.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: Tips, Articles and Facts about ALMOST everything in this journey called life.
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Lyza’s Lane
Blog’s URL: www.lyzalane.info
Blog’s Description: blog from the heart…stories, experiences, family, friends, home, food and life.
Blogging from Where: Cainta, Rizal Philippines

Blog’s Name: Little World of Fun
Blog’s URL: http://www.mjoannafaith.com
Blog’s Description: My Kids and I as we ventures this journey of Fun and Life
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: loving life
Blog’s URL: http://cristinavs24.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: everything on my mind and some about love and life, being a mom, a wife, sister, daughter and a friend.
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Late Bloomer Blog
Blog’s URL: http://www.latebloomerblog.com
Blog’s Description: A modern woman blogs about her weird lifestyle and embracing being a girl in her late 20s.
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Lovingly Mama
Blog’s URL: http://www.lovinglymama.info
Blog’s Description: All About My Baby
Blogging from Where: Bacolod

Blog’s Name: Life’s simple pleasures
Blog’s URL: http://andoysmom.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: everyday musings including experiences as a mom
Blogging from Where: Marikina City, Philippines

Blog’s Name: Life Wonderfully Made
Blog’s URL: http://vlayugan.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: About family, motherhood, parenting, and many more.
Blogging from Where: Makati, Philippines

Blog’s Name: Lifes Tips and Tricks
Blog’s URL: http://www.lifestipsandtricks.com
Blog’s Description: My personal reflections on life, womanhood,parenting,travel
Blogging from Where: Cambodia

Blog’s Name: Life’s Learning of a Filipino Work at Home Mommy
Blog’s URL: http://www.supermommyjem.com
Blog’s Description: Inspiring topics about life, beautiful inspiring quotes, love poems, stories, news and events.
Blogging from Where: Metro Manila

Blog’s Name: late bloomed blog
Blog’s URL: http://latebloomedblog.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: beauty,fashion,lifestyle blog
Blogging from Where: navotas city

Blog’s Name: Loose It Up
Blog’s URL: http://www.looseitup.com
Blog’s Description: Health and Fitness Blog
Blogging from Where: Arkansas, USA

Blog’s Name: Legally Mama
Blog’s URL: http://legallymama.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: Chronicles of raising a child while winning cases on the side.
Blogging from Where: Makati

Blog’s Name: Living My Life
Blog’s URL: http://melodiejoyce.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: A personal blog
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Labubblychica
Blog’s URL: http://www.labubblychica.com
Blog’s Description: Pinay Mommy Personal Blog
Blogging from Where: Imus,Cavite

Blog’s Name: LOVEs Haven
Blog’s URL: http://loveshaven.com
Blog’s Description: it is a personal blog wherein I can jot all the good things that happen in my life, my family and the people around me…..
Blogging from Where: CDO, Philippines

Blog’s Name: Living the Beauty of Life
Blog’s URL: http://www.mhonz.com
Blog’s Description: Randomness Thoughts
Blogging from Where: Lucena City, Philippines

Blog’s Name: Lines From The Wire
Blog’s URL: http://linesfromthewire.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: I write things about what I love – my family, books, TV, and a lot more!
Blogging from Where: Las Pinas, Philippines. I blog at home.

Blog’s Name: Life Unexpected
Blog’s URL: http://graceabonillo.net
Blog’s Description: a journal of a single parent
Blogging from Where: Philippines