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Blog’s Name: Reflexes
Blog’s URL: http://manillapaper.com
RSS/Feed Link:http://feeds.manillapaper.com/reflexes
Blog’s Description: Reflexes is a blog created to share stories and experiences about parenting.

Blog’s Name: Roller Coaster Ride
Blog’s URL: http://www.fiveofus.info/
RSS/Feed Link: http://www.fiveofus.info/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss
Blog’s Description: Chronicles of my life as a work-at-home mom
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Raketer Mama
Blog’s URL: http://raketermama.blogspot.com/
Blog’s Description: I am all in one mom, want to have a good future for my family, wise spender, a dreamer, supportive, talkative but a loving and caring to my son and husband and to our future princess, and hopefully our dreams will all come true.
Blogging from Where: Nueva Ecija

Blog’s Name: RJMarmol.com
Blog’s URL: http://rjmarmol.com
Blog’s Description: I am a personal blogger lost in the exciting world of politics, technology, music and poetry. This blog personifies that.
Blogging from Where: Calamba City, Laguna

Blog’s Name: Random Musings of A Dragon Princess
Blog’s URL: http://thedragonprincess.blogspot.com/
Blog’s Description: Random musings about life, love, relationship, food, friendship.. anything
Blogging from Where: Blogger

Blog’s Name: Rolled Into One
Blog’s URL: http://jacqsatwork.com
Blog’s Description: A personal blog that will share random thoughts or things, personal experiences and about anything under the sun, moon or stars all Rolled Into One.
Blogging from Where: Cagayan de Oro City