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Blog’s Name: Sealed Reservoir
Blog’s URL: http://pepperpots.wordpress.com
Blog’s Description: there’s a hole in my ceiling and when it rains, it pours in

Blog’s Name: Simple Life, Simply Me
Blog’s URL: http://masipagwapa.net
Blog’s Description: It is all about women’s interest, health, shopping, and more…

Blog’s Name: Straight from the Heart
Blog’s URL: http://www.mommyelvz.com
Blog’s Description: Thoughts about life, love, faith, dreams, family, motherhood, insights on current issues, parenting, lifestyle, health and wellness and more..

Blog’s Name: Simply Irresistible
Blog’s URL: www.dhoyblog.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: this blog is about everything, family, gardening, travel, kid’s family safety and current events.

Blog’s Name: Shy’s Mixed Thoughts
Blog’s URL: http://www.mixedthoughts.net
Blog’s Description: Mixed thoughts, journey and endeavors towards success. All types of topic, online moolah, nonsense rants, ramblings and random curiosity. Spare a minute of your time to look around and read valuable insights. Live.Laugh.Learn.-:)
Blogging From: USA

Blog’s Name: Smart Mommy
Blog’s URL: http://www.smart-mommy.net
Blog’s Description: Parenting blog.
Blogging from Where: Canada

Blog’s Name: Simple Make Money Online
Blog’s URL: http://www.jemimahonline.com
Blog’s Description: Simple ways of Internet and blogging, make money online, blog contest, technology and reviews of supermommyjem.
Blogging from Where: Caloocan, Metro Manila

Blog’s Name: Stuckwith3
Blog’s URL: http://stuckwith3.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: (KIDS + EVENTS + FREEBIES). adventures of a mom.
Blogging from Where: Antipolo City

Blog’s Name: Stitches Of Life
Blog’s URL: http://stitchesoflife.com
Blog’s Description: A mixed bag of interests and adventures of an outgoing person. All about life as we stitch it.
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Sweet Life of A Big Sister
Blog’s URL: http://sweetkeanna.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: A site for my daughters (in the future). This blog showcases activities and the host for Messy Go Round meme.
Blogging from Where: QC, Philippines

Blog’s Name: Shygirl’s Own 
Blog’s URL:  http://shygirlsown.info 
Blog’s Description: General and Personal Blog
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Sit Back and Relax
Blog’s URL: http://sitbackandrelax.info
Blog’s Description: An entertainment Blog, Movies, Games, Gadgets and BOOKs
Blogging from Where: Arkansas, USA

Blog’s Name: Samantha’s Own
Blog’s URL: http://www.syppera.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: The happy little baby on the road…
Blogging from Where: Germany

Blog’s Name: So Much to Tell
Blog’s URL: http://www.princessdanielle.com
Blog’s Description: a personal experiences as a mom,wife,daughter,sister,office worker, friend and a child of God!!
Blogging from Where: CDO, Philippines

Blog’s Name: Soldier Mom’s Corner
Blog’s URL: http://veemar78.blogspot.com/
Blog’s Description: composed of the various experiences of being a soldier mom, a daughter and an army wife. It gives the readers a glimpse on how I handle and balance my work and family.
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Stellarshine
Blog’s URL: http://kritz.tumblr.com
Blog’s Description: Personal, Lifestyle & Travel Blog
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Singlemom Mecheel
Blog’s URL: http://www.mommymecheel.com
Blog’s Description: a Full time Mommy, a Part time Blogger, a Pet Lover,a Rakista & so much more…
Blogging from Where: Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

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