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Blog’s Name: The Nambiars
Blog’s URL: http://www.peterjanet.com
Blog’s Description: our family story

Blog’s Name: The Sweet Life
Blog’s URL: http://thechocoloco.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: My online journel on my everyday journey of life.

Blog’s Name: The Next Chapter
Blog’s URL: http://arielerra.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: wifey diaries

Blog’s Name: Tickled Pink Digiscrap
Blog’s URL: http://www.tickledpinkdigiscrap.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: More than just photos and memories…

Blog’s Name: Topics On Earth
Blog’s URL: http://www.topicsonearth.com
Blog’s Description: A personal blog about my life’s musings, issues and events that I encounter everyday, also my views and opinions on different things.
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: The Miscellaneous Me
Blog’s URL: http://www.themiscme.info
Blog’s Description: musings of a pinay blogger
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: The Working Mommy
Blog’s URL: http://www.theworkingmommy.info
Blog’s Description: Blog of a working mom who strikes a balance between her mommy duties and work obligations.
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Travel Sites and Scenes
Blog’s URL: http://www.josiesviews.com
Blog’s Description: This site is a compilation of Photos of beautiful places here and around the world that are worth visiting. Travel with me as I post pictures of scenes and sights I visited and those that are visited by my families and friends.
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: The Pepperrific Life
Blog’s URL: www.pepperrific.com
Blog’s Description: a blog about the highs and lows of single parenthood
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: The Misis Chronicles
Blog’s URL: http://www.themisischronicles.com
Blog’s Description: Adventures/misadventures of being a mommy-to-be
Blogging from Where: Manila

Blog’s Name: The Life Encounters
Blog’s URL: http://www.thelifeencounters.com
Blog’s Description: An online diary of a young mom battling the tests of time.
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: The Cookie Chronicles
Blog’s URL: http://chroniclesofcookie.com
Blog’s Description: Adventures in life, travels, personal diary
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Tottering Mama
Blog’s URL: http://www.totteringmama.com
Blog’s Description: a crazy mom shares how she copes with parenting her two toddlers
Blogging from Where: Manila

Blog’s Name: The Bloggers Journal
Blog’s URL: http://thebloggersjournal.com
Blog’s Description: It’s All About Blogging
Blogging from Where: Canada

Blog’s Name: Travel Unravels
Blog’s URL: http://www.travelunravels.com
Blog’s Description: With each of our travel, New wonders we will unravel.
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Teacher Momma
Blog’s URL: http://www.teachermomma.com
Blog’s Description: Guiding my bright cherubs one purpose at a time
Blogging from Where: USA

Blog’s Name: The Snoring Queen
Blog’s URL: http://thesnoringqueen.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: my take… on the world and life in general.
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Turknoy
Blog’s URL: http://turknoy.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: All aboutthe adventures and expat life of  mixed parenting family – race, culture, religion between Turk + Pinay
Blogging from Where: Qatar

Blog’s Name: transfor.MAY.tion
Blog’s URL: http://www.transformaytion.com
Blog’s Description: May’s “Project: Me” blog about living fit, staying sharp and being happy. Let her transformation inspire you too!
Blogging from Where: Bacolod City, Philippines

Blog’s Name: The Best of Both Worlds
Blog’s URL: http://www.campbellsrealm.com
Blog’s Description: To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.
Blogging from Where: USA

Blog’s Name: Taste Matters
Blog’s URL: http://www.taste-matters.info
Blog’s Description: A food and drink blog documenting our home cooked recipes, kitchen utensils,  trying out new international cuisines, kitchen explorations, and review on restaurants and bars as we wine and dine around the metropolis.
Blogging from Where: Home

Blog’s Name: The Hippie Mum
Blog’s URL: http://www.hippiemum.com
Blog’s Description: A nomadic mum and her unconventional baby raising whilst on a
globe trot.
Blogging from Where: Baguio City

Blog’s Name: The Virtual Wanderer
Blog’s URL: http://www.virtualwanderer.info
Blog’s Description: Places I’ve been, Places to be, Places I wish to see
Blogging from Where: Davao, Philis.

Blog’s Name: this moms thought bubble
Blog’s URL: http://playtimebreak.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: random ramblings of a single mom about this and that, plus everything else in between
Blogging from Where: manila

Blog’s Name: The Wonderlusts
Blog’s URL: http://www.thewonderlusts.com
Blog’s Description: My Travel blog, POstcard Collections and Dream destinations
Blogging from Where: Arkansas, USA

Blog’s Name: Twen Teen Mom
Blog’s URL: http://www.twenteenmom.com
Blog’s Description: A parenting and family blog of a twen-teen-something, stay at home mommy.
Blogging from Where: Bacolod City, Phil

Blog’s Name: The 24-Hour Mommy
Blog’s URL: http://www.the24hourmommy.com
Blog’s Description: Being a mom is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week job.
Blogging from Where: Cainta

Blog’s Name: Tinkerputt’s Turf
Blog’s URL: http://tinkerputt.lcoreph.com
Blog’s Description: My personal blog of a simple woman wishing for a simple life in this complicated world
Blogging from Where: Pasig City

Blog’s Name: This is My Life
Blog’s URL: http://my24hourjob.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: About my life as a wife and mother to my 3 wonderful daughters
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: The House of JCJEE
Blog’s URL: http://houseofjcjee.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: House of JCJEE is my family’s journal through life and the issues that affect us.
Blogging from Where: Las Pinas City, Philippines

Blog’s Name: The Mommy Who Never Sleeps
Blog’s URL: http://www.mommypeach.com
Blog’s Description: This blog is about my daughter ykaie, life as a mom and as a wife.
Blogging from Where: Caloocan City

Blog’s Name: The Pink Post
Blog’s URL: http://www.thepinkpost.info
Blog’s Description: it’s never too late to be fabulous! (All about health and fitness, fashion as well)
Blogging from Where: CDO, Philippines

Blog’s Name: The Food Blogger
Blog’s URL: http://www.thefoodblogger.net
Blog’s Description: Food Blog
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: The Fashion Blogger
Blog’s URL: http://www.thefashionblogger.net
Blog’s Description: Fashion Blog
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: The World Is A Book
Blog’s URL: http://www.theworldisabook.com
Blog’s Description: Cruising and exploring the world with kids
Blogging from Where: San Diego, California – USA

Blog’s Name: The A & B Lifestyle
Blog’s URL: http://2nettestyle.blogspot.com
Blog’s Description: My Journey as Pinay Expat, Remote Mom, Wife, Friend and to Everyone I Met on Life’s Road
Blogging from Where: Germany and Sta Rosa, Laguna

Blog’s Name: The Accidental Teacher
Blog’s URL: www.theaccidentalteacher.com
Blog’s Description: making the most of learning inside and outside the classroom
Blogging from Where: philippines

Blog’s Name: Thought Bubble Project
Blog’s URL: www.thoughtbubbleproject.com
Blog’s Description: a collection of random thoughts, quotable quotes,snapshots of day to day and songs caught on loop heard only by me…let’s see what goes on in this pretty little head of mine, shall we?
Blogging from Where: philippines

Blog’s Name: The All-around Mom
Blog’s URL: http://www.theallaroundmom.info
Blog’s Description: in and around a stay-at-home mom’s life
Blogging from Where: Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Blog’s Name: Thoughts Online
Blog’s URL: http://www.thoughts-online.com
Blog’s Description: me, my writing tool, and anything that comes to mind
Blogging from Where: Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Blog’s Name: Traveling with Mona
Blog’s URL: http://www.travelingwithmona.com/
Blog’s Description: Enjoying every single place I bump into!
Blogging from Where: Lucena City, Philippines

Blog’s Name: The Official Blog of Maria Lorena Quizan Martinez
Blog’s URL: http://www.marialorenaquizanmartinez.com
Blog’s Description: The journal of a Filipina Blogger on juggling family life, mommyhood, career and personal interests.
Blogging from Where: Bacolod City

Blog’s Name: The Rebel Sweetheart
Blog’s URL: http://www.therebelsweetheart.com/
Blog’s Description: Motherhood with a touch of flair and a splash of spunk.
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: The Average Jane
Blog’s URL: http://theaveragejane00900.blogspot.com/
Blog’s Description: The Average Jane is anything and everything under the sun. It’s about my (mis)adventures and craziness.
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: The Flower Duet
Blog’s URL: http://theflowerduet.blogspot.com/
Blog’s Description: I write about being a mom, wife, about my life, fashion, champagne and flowers
Blogging from Where: Bulacan, Philippines

Blog’s Name: The Art of Being a Mom
Blog’s URL: http://artofbeingmom.blogspot.com/
Blog’s Description: Parenting blog
Blogging from Where: Quezon City, Philippines