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Blog’s Name: WAHMaholic
Blog’s URL: http://wahmaholic.com
RSS/Feed Link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/WAHMaholic
Blog’s Description: Journal of a Pinay mommy addicted to being a WAHM (work at home mom).
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Write Mom
Blog’s URL: http://www.munzurin.com/blag
RSS/Feed Link: [email protected]
Blog’s Description: A personal account on hands-on-motherhood 24-7, come rain or shine.
Blogging from Where: Philippines

Blog’s Name: Wonderful Things In Life
Blog’s URL: http://mommyko.com
Blog’s Description: This blog is a mixed bag of thoughts, entertainment, giveaways, contest, family, travel, health, charity, and many more.
Blogging from Where: USA

Blog’s Name: Whims and Views
Blog’s URL: http://www.whimsandviews.com
Blog’s Description: This blog writes about the whims and views of a working mom on several topics such as motherhood, family, home, fashion, trends, deals and anything that amuses me and my readers.
Blogging from Where: Manila

Blog’s Name: WitchyCrazyMommy
Blog’s URL: http://www.witchycrazymommy.com
Blog’s Description: A Crazy Pinay Mom’s Journey through Motherhood and Food
Blogging from Where: Metro Manila

Blog’s Name: working mama
Blog’s URL: http://dickvincedorry.blogspot.com/
Blog’s Description: family events, special occassions, achievements, travels and so
much more
Blogging from Where: philippines

Blog’s Name: Written by Mys
Blog’s URL: http://www.writtenbymys.com
Blog’s Description: A personal blog of a sahm interested in reading, blog contests, digiscrapping, and vampires
Blogging from Where: the unknown city of san carlos, province of pangasinan

Blog’s Name: Wandering (Mom & Son) Tandem
Blog’s URL: http://www.wanderingtandem.com
Blog’s Description: Travel (mis)Adventures of a Singlemom and her 10-year-old son
Blogging from Where: Manila, Philippines