Searching for Reassurance Before the Big Day Comes

I’m about to have another child, which I’m really excited about, but I do have a few worries. Even though I’ve been through pregnancy before, I worry about what food I should eat, how often I should rest and even about what maternity clothes I should wear to help protect my baby bump. Thankfully, I found an online guide from Bounty about pregnancy week by week which I’ve found to be really helpful about what I should and shouldn’t do while carrying my new son or daughter.

From the very first week of carrying my new baby, I learnt about what I should do to ensure that my baby is healthy, happy and that I’m also feeling as well as I can be. The guide listed what happens during the first, second and third trimesters in detail, as well as what to expect during the 40 weeks of pregnancy. Something I learnt from the guide straight away was that, because my hormones start to affect me from the very beginning of pregnancy, I had to eat foods with folic acid to help with that.

Whenever I worry about tiredness, morning sickness, nausea or when the baby should be kicking, I go the Bounty guide to find out whether they’re normal and when they should be happening. Thankfully, I got all the answers I needed, written and laid out clearly. Without this guide, I’ll be left wondering what to do about everything until I eventually give birth, and I’d still fear getting something wrong like eating the wrong foods or not getting enough rest or exercise.

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Mommy Rubz is the supermom behind the Pinay Mommies Community. Hailing from Cagayan de Oro City, she manages to juggle being a mother to three lovely children, being a full-time blogger and running a blog hosting services all at the same time. She writes for Pinay Mommy Online, Proud Mommy of Three and many others.

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  1. Hi Mommy Rubz! Good luck on your pregnancy! I’m surprised to know that you are expecting an addition to your family.

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